28:19–The Skills for Disciple-Making

A few years ago, I attended an international conference on “spiritual formation” – a fancy term for the transformation that takes place as we follow Jesus. About 900 pastors, missionaries and church workers were present at that conference.

One of the main speakers opened the floor for questions in the large-group setting. A seasoned pastor stood up and with a tremor in his voice confessed, “I’ve been a pastor for over 20 years. I was never discipled by anyone and I have no idea how to disciple others…” Then he sat down. His was a desperate plea for help. The murmur and nodding of heads that followed demonstrated how common his situation is.

Let me suggest that we’ve taken something profoundly simple (discipleship) and have so complicated it that many view discipleship as something only trained professionals do. We’ve forgotten that Jesus used a bunch of fishermen and other unlikely characters to “turn the world upside down” as they made disciples in the first century.

Discipleship has two aspects to it. One aspect involves our resolve to actively pursue Jesus Christ daily in an ever-deepening relationship with Him. And as we draw near to Him, He transforms us, making us more like Him.

The other aspect of discipleship flows out of our growing relationship with Christ. Namely, we model for others what it means to follow and live for Jesus. And through relationship with them we encourage and challenge them to pursue Christ as we do.

Eleven years ago, while serving with a church in Anchorage, Alaska, we launched an experience in which both of these aspects of discipleship could thrive. We now call this experience 28:19—The Skills for Disciple-Making.

Perhaps you recognize the 28:19 address as Matthew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”

In the 28:19 Manual and its companion book, 28:19—The Skills for Disciple-Making, you will learn some very simple, biblical, relational skills for pursuing Jesus Christ and leading others into deeper relationship with Him. This isn’t a “study,” but a practical guide for following Jesus and showing others how to follow Him as well.

Here are some testimonials of people who are experiencing an ever-deepening relationship with Christ and the thrill of leading others into relationship with Him:

I first attended 28:19 just three weeks after receiving Christ and thank God for the experience all the time. Now, a year later, I’m taking 28:19 again with my wife and God is really using this in our lives. Just last week I was with a client. I unleashed a vision of God for this couple through my story and now they’re coming to church with me. I absolutely love it when God uses me like that and I’m able to use the skills I’ve learned in 28:19! – Ken Kenyon, General Contractor

28:19 is the purest, most relational discipleship tool I have ever encountered. Interacting with the resurrected Jesus, helping others to relate with our gracious God, and challenging others toward Christ is the essence of 28:19. These are tools that Rob has used for years and I have had the privilege of watching his life. – Brad Pesnell, Community Pastor, Valley Real Life

As I have applied the skills from 28:19, my interaction with God has moved from my head to my heart. The Lord has given me new hope and is sprouting growth in areas of my life that have been dark and hopeless for so long. – Lynda Bustamante, Accountant & Dental Hygienist 

Soon after my husband came to Christ, he attended 28:19. God has used this curriculum in powerful ways in my husband’s life. He’s constantly telling others about the Lord and has grown so quickly in his faith. When he comes home, he spreads God’s light to me and my son. Now, through 28:19, I’m experiencing God’s love and working in me in new and exciting ways! – Ginnette Kenyon, Home Maker

I came to Christ shortly before going through 28:19. I see God working in my life each week. Just this week I was in a unique position to offer a friend the use of my car when hers broke down. God’s Word has changed how I normally interact in my relationships and I’m using my blessings to glorify God. – Eric Brock, Heavy Equipment Operator

28:19 has inspired me to pursue Christ in every Moment of my life. I am developing a greater inner awareness of what discipleship is, as well as gaining valuable skills to share with everyone I come in contact with. – Thomas Bove, Business Owner

Discipleship is profoundly relational

28:19—The Skills for Disciple-Making is not something you experience by yourself! Engage with a large group, small group or simply with a spiritual partner to deepen your relationship with Christ and with each other. In this 13-week experience you’ll have the tremendous joy of helping others pursue Christ as you do!

Rob Fischer

You can order the 28:19 book and Manual here:

The book, 28:19—The Skills for Disciple-Making

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The 28:19 ManualFront 28.19 Manual

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