Recommendations and Testimonials

Rob Fischer, Leadership Coach — Coaching provides the potential for increasing leadership ability and capacity!

“When I was at a crucial turning point in my life, Rob guided me not only in my business, but also in my spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus. I value Rob’s wisdom, his firm foundation in Scripture, and his heart of compassion. I recommend him as a coach without reservation.” — Ray Edwards, Entrepreneur

“Rob has a comprehensive grasp of a wide range of knowledge and a deep understanding of life’s basic wisdom. He has rigorously applied his knowledge and understanding of wisdom to his own life and work. His personal example, grasp of resources, and ability to communicate inspires those he coaches to apply themselves to the principles of wisdom with rigor. This enables them to reach a greater degree of excellence and success all their relationships and endeavors. This has been my experience, and that of others influenced by Rob.” — Ron Mancini, Senior Pastor retired Evangelical Covenant Church

“Rob, we have known each other for around eight years. We have enjoyed many talks about life and spiritual issues—often in the outdoors. My respect for you as a man is summed up by the fact that you are the person I wanted to officiate my wedding ceremony to Mary. I consider you to be a surprising and welcome combination of one who is: thoughtful, insightful, focused, sensitive, patient, thankful, talented, steadfast and kind. I have benefitted from our relationship and strongly recommend you as a life coach to those who have not been privileged to know you like I have.” – Greg Grebe, Attorney

“God has used Rob Fischer as a mentor, coach, disciple-maker and friend in my life in profound ways! Not a week goes by that I’m not reminded of Rob’s impact on my personal life and my military and church careers. Rob has a tremendous gift for shaping people for God’s glory and for their joy. His teaching and leadership are still felt in our church family five years after he moved from Alaska. Without a doubt, I’m a better leader, pastor, husband and father due to Rob’s influence in my life.”  – Jay Pullins, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), U.S. Air Force, Executive Pastor of Ministries, ChangePoint

“Rob was used by God to speak healing into my life regarding my Kingdom identity as a minister of the gospel.  As a woman I had sometimes been overlooked and Rob saw how I was designed and affirmed what I was created to do.  Much as the Apostle Paul did for Timothy, Rob helped me begin to believe that I had something to offer in the Kingdom of God. Thank you for being who God created you to be and being faithful to your calling.  You were a blessing to me!” – Sue Floyd, Pastor of Ministry Training & Support

“I have known Rob for many years and he has been an anchor for me. We have worked together on a couple of writing projects and his editing skills were invaluable for the publishing of my most recent book, Webmertise. Rob is tremendously skilled as a Leadership Coach but is also very gifted in helping professionals with developing a strategy for a major life transition as well as anyone considering writing their first book or memoirs.” – Perry Underwood, President & CEO, Electronic Based Marketing, Inc.

“I met Rob at the beginning of my walk with Christ over five years ago. Rob taught me how to apply my enthusiasm for the Lord into disciplined study and application that enables me to disciple to those closest to me. Rob’s example as a moral and caring professional, husband, and father is a standard I strive to model for my career and growing family.” – Steve McDaniel, Clinical Sales Representative

“I have known Rob Fischer for several years as a mentor and friend. When you ask Rob to speak into your life you invite a man of character and Spirit-led insight to provide God-given advice and counsel.” – Tim Ledbetter, Public School Teacher

“Over the past five years, it has been my privilege to benefit from Rob Fischer’s life coaching. Rob’s gifts include helping people hear God in Scripture and prayer. A good listener himself, Rob models for his clients how to listen for God’s Spirit. Rob challenges people with the faith of obedience to take the next step closer to Jesus. His friendship is a treasure to make anyone rich.” – Greg Luce, former Covenant Church pastor of 29 years

“I have really enjoyed our coaching sessions together.  Going into our first phone call, I did not fully know what to expect.  What I found was an hour well spent.  I am a verbal processor and so it was particularly helpful to simply talk things out.  You ask very insightful questions that are not only thought provoking, but they help me make sense of things and bring order to my thoughts.  You never gave me advice, but the process led me to conclusions.

I was particularly impacted by our latest time together.  I have never considered some of the questions you were asking about my relationship with Jesus.  It was very eye-opening to see how I have put my relationship with him in a box and have even allowed it to become somewhat impersonal.  Thank you.” — A pastor who wishes to remain anonymous

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